Saturday, May 11, 2013

Quite the Characters

Well, it all started with Alice...and the white rabbit.
but there were whispers about another character possibly showing up...a Mad Hatter.

I went as the dormouse, with a straight pen sword. Turtle, trying to be true to his blog name, went as the mock turtle. We didn't try to stuff him into the skin-tight, lime green body suit, because we had a little sympathy for the sensibilities of our fellow guests. He did occasionally wear the calf head though.

The Mad Hatter was accompanied by the white queen, who was hard to recognize as a cafeteria manager.  The red queen kept screaming "Off with his head!" and ordering the knave of hearts to attend her.

A pack of very obedient cards served our dessert--first--just to mix things up a little.
Then we ate gourmet burgers with all the trimmings. I stole a little cheese from off the trimmings table, just to keep from nibbling on the candy.

while the March Hare yelled--principally about the lateness of his meal. Being the dormouse, I just kept falling asleep on the table.

Tweedle Dee and the Cheshire Cat superintended this crazy experiment in Hilarity.

Unfortunately the flash on my camera isn't working so I relied on the "professionals" once again...Julie B and Roshelle W.

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Carina said...

Absolutely love Dad's turtle shell. Oh, and the March Hare is especially convincing. I will have to ask Aunt D if he's worn that costume to Walmart yet.