Monday, February 21, 2011

Mim's Secret Hideout

Mim and Zaya have convinced me
that I shouldn't prune this tree when I do the yearly spring manicure of the front lawn.

They've discovered a secret world inside the tree,
and dragged two little carpet swatches
to pad the ground and keep pine needles out of their jeans.

There's room for an explorer with his solar-powered flashlight

and, of course, room for adults too. It wouldn't surprise me it they didn't get the entire family under there for a picture this spring.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Our Sunday Scribblings prompt is "Food"

It came at a most trying time.
Every night as I go to bed, I'm thinking about what I'll eat for breakfast.
At school, during my fifth hour break, as I walk laps and climb stairs, I'm thinking about what I'll eat for supper. Yes, you guessed it. I'm counting calories and trying to avoid food like it's poison.

It's all because of that lightly tossed off resolution at the beginning of the year--ten pounds--hah!
Well, that ten pounds was easy; fell off in three weeks, but it's taken me a month to lose the next pound, and if I dare forget myself and forget to count calories, wobble wobble goes the needle on the scale, edging back up. It's pathetic. I'm so mad at food, I could eat a whole pizza by myself--pan pizza--supreme--with extra cheese!