Saturday, May 11, 2013


Now that school is officially out for the summer, I think I might have time to tell you about the all-school STUCO banquet, which is our "prom" type activity. Everyone is invited, including the teachers and staff. Even though I'm not the student council sponsor, I helped with the decorations on the center table, because, in a small school like ours, people appreciate volunteers.This year the theme was Alice in Wonderland, so the teachers decided to dress up. It interesting.

 There was  also a considerable amount of whimsy.

Decorations were random--piled stacks of china, a casserole dish with water and a turtle inside, odd flower vases with unmatched flowers. The cake-plate centerpiece contained two slices of very burned toast and a couple of hard-fried, rubbery eggs. Why? I don't know, but you have to admit, it is unusual. The English teacher actually wanted to put a mouse on the tray so an unsuspecting guest who lifted the cover would get a surprise. I refused, thinking someone would be likely to turn over a table and I didn't want my china to be broken.
An eclectic arrangement of said china ran down the middle of the faculty table, where strange unmatched chairs drove orderly, symmetrical minds to distraction--namely mine. Rosalind, one of the seventh-grade students, shared my dread of lopsidedness, and we managed to shift things around, bringing balance to the madness.

There were murals, lights, clocks, and other out-of-place attractions, such as a paper mache tree, which began on the ground and rose through the white draped roof.

The walls were covered with black plastic, posters of quotes from the book and  a long, spring mural.

Props for pictures sat conveniently near a photo spot.

The student council members and their sponsors put in a lot of time on table decorations, arranging stacks of teacups and card castles with hot glue finesse.  They found several boxes of random glasses that had been left over from former banquets. Since this theme didn't call for anything matching, they were able to use them all, painting them inside and out and putting them into service as place cards.

One end of the gym was set up with carnival type games and a table full of stacked Oreos stood bravely in the middle.This decoration was near the signing wall--a graffiti area for doodles.

The gym was transformed.
Perfectly imperfect.
All ready for the guests.
I'll save that for my next post.
It's curiouser.

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