Saturday, February 28, 2009

Different Kinds of Lost

Jesus once told a parable about three lost things:

A lost coin, that, through no fault of its own, lay immobile in the dusty corner—unseen, and in that helpless state of not even knowing it was lost;

A lost sheep, that, through its own stupidity had wandered unnoticed into a lonely bit of wild where wolves threatened—wanting, but not knowing, how to find its way home;

And a lost son, rebellious, caught in a pig sty of a life, having wasted his half of the family fortune after insulting his father by demanding it early—tormented, knowing the way home, but not wanting to humble himself and take it.

All Lost...

The one who won’t go home is just as lost as the one who can’t and the one who doesn’t know the way.

There’s more:

The frantic woman seeks the coin, and rejoices when she finds it.

The careful shepherd finds his lamb and carries it back to the fold.

But the Father knows that he cannot seek his son, for if he brings the boy home unbidden, he will still be lost inside…no…the boy must decide to return to his father…and the father waits in anguish for the day…watching the road…watching the way home.

Are you lost? What kind of lost are you?

Our Sunday Scribblings Prompt was "Lost"