Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Energy Bursts from the Smoldering Ashes


even in the midst of this crazy year, I've discovered new energy in teaching my Christian Studies IV class. That class always takes preparation, but after ten years of teaching it, I could ease up a little and rest on what I already know; not this year though. More than ever, I'm finding myself preparing hours for that class and excited about teaching it.


Well I believe I've self-analyzed it down to one thing: This summer, a month before school started, I received a letter from one of the students who was going to be in the class. She said: "I'm so looking forward to being in CS IV next year." On enrollment day, another couple of seniors came up to me and said the same thing: "We can't wait for your Bible Class."

You do see, don't you? How could I do less than my best?

I think that's what every teacher needs. Maybe other people too.
Hmm. I'll have to think about that one.
Hopefully, I'm not too old to learn a lesson.

Sunday Scribblings

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Away Games--ah the bliss!

Well, how wonderful is this! I'm already home. It's light outside. I still have enough energy to do laundry.
"What!" you say? "How did it happen? No volleyball games? No concession stands?"
"Not for a whole week," I answer gleefully. It's called 'away games'. Mmmm.

Furthermore, I actually had time during the day today to use my planning time for working on lesson plans and grading. (a good thing since I'm a week behind on both...and it's only the second full week of school).

Turtle called and said he is going to pick up something rotisseried at Homeland. I said I would love that--whatever it is--although I hope it isn't iguana or octopi.

So laundry sounds pretty tame. I'm so stoked I'm even going to vacuum the den. Hooray.

P.S. You've heard the phrase: "Don't knock yourself out." You thought it was kind of preposterous right? You should see the lump on the side of my head. (In a week I've: slipped on a cube of ice on the concession stand floor and twisted my knee falling; slid in a puddle of water in the hall--our school roof leaks--and sailed all the way to the floor with my armload of books; and (the dumbest) whacked myself in the side of the head with the back door of the school suburban. Deft, adroit, graceful--that's me.)