Friday, December 28, 2012

Frodo and Sam in Crochet

My sister, the crafty one, packed a box full of oohs and ahs for Zaya and Mim this Christmas.
She adapted her patterns from last years Star Wars set, used sculpey clay for making swords, staffs, pots, pans, silverware, salt box, and  lembas. There were even a couple of elven leaves, bedrolls, elven rope, and bags for carrying them all.

This one is Sam, heavily laden for the journey.

And here is Frodo with his staff and, of course, little ring on a chain around his neck.

They camped for a rest in the perilous den of large humans, surrounded by odd snorts and guffaws. Occasionally a mysterious flash interrupted their uneasy dreams, and when they awoke, they found that someone had been pawing through all their supplies. Fortunately, however, the intruders had no interest in stealing anything, only sorting and arranging. Odd.

Here's a close up, showing the ring.
If you look closely, you can see fine metal-work on Frodo's lapel.

 With the bright sunlight in his face, Sam stares, a little stunned, realizing that he must pack quickly and turn his face toward the dark region of Mordor.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

He Felt Cold

He felt cold.
The first strange thing…
And he shivered like a God had never done.
He felt hunger from the journey
Such an unfamiliar weakness
Something wanting
Something needed
And—as feelings go—another unknown one.
He felt rigid pain, swaddled cramping.
Heard the sounds of sobs and shouting,
He saw those too poor to matter as they gathered mute and awed
And the smell of field and fold knelt around his newborn soul
As they worshiped him and wondered how a baby could be God.
No one interfered to hinder their first uncertain touch:
“He’s a human! and so fragile!”
“He's a human--one of us!”
“Why would God trade endless splendor for a vapor and decay?”

He felt cold.
It was morning.
Another first—a very early, cold and hungry Christmas Day.