Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So They Don't All Know Their Famous Proverbs

I think highly of proverbs--pithy little sermons that keep preaching--so, sometime during the course of the school year--preferably when we get to the book of "Proverbs"--I like to hand out a sheet of unfinished, famous proverbs and invite the students to finish them. If they know the proverb they fill it in, but if they have no recollection of the proverb, they are welcome to make up an ending. Then we discuss what the proverbs really mean. It's lots of fun. Especially for me because I need a break from grading serious papers sometimes. Here are thirteen of their recent responses to common proverbs. (For those who can't remember what the real ending is supposed to be, I've listed it at the bottom.)
1. A bird in the hand...

...will leave something behind.

2. A miss is as good as....

...a Mr.

3. Don't put the cart...

...in the middle of the parking lot.

4. The best things in life are....


5. Don't look a gift horse....

...in the eyes. (They were close on this one)

6. Familiarity breeds...

...like rabbits

( Well, we do live in a farming community)

7. Lightning never strikes...

(I wonder why not)

8. There is more than one way to...

...kill a cow
(see note about farming community)

9. Clothes do not make...


10. When in Rome...

...watch your back.

(There's a basic mistrust of European types here;
don't get offended, Romans.)

11. Haste makes...

mad state troopers.

12. The squeaking wheel...

...needs WD 40

13. "Don't put all your eggs.......

...in the microwave
(Makes sense to me)

...to be continued next week...maybe the next week too.
1. is worth two in the bush.
2. a mile
3. before the horse
4. free
5. in the mouth
6. contempt
7. twice in the same place
8. skin a cat
9. the man
10. do as the Romans
11. waste
12. gets the grease
13. in one basket