Saturday, March 28, 2009

It Snowed; It Really Snowed!

Not a gently drifting, lots of white flakes parachuting down to snuggle midst the tulips kind of snow either. It was a blustery, blizzardy, slap in your face kind of snow with a real attitude, and it followed a few hours of weather vacillation:

I think I'll be fog today, no wait, maybe gently blowing rain, or pounding rain with clouds of thunder and lightening above. Yes, hail would be good too. I'll cover the ground with so much hail that it looks like snow and then freeze it to the ground with a good layer of sleet. Yah! There's the ticket! But...oh I'll just empty the whole lot. They shall have snow too. Hours and hours of sideways flying, drifting in the pauses, clouding in gusts off the rooftops snow!

And in the morning. Quiet. Cold.
Buried tulips. Shrouded cedars. Beautiful spring snow.

Now maybe the sun will come out.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It Rained. It Really Rained.

and I enjoyed the drops as they came driving in and landed on my sleeping face and all about my pillow. Well, I did get up and close the window, but I lay there a while and gloried in the sound of water falling from the flashing sky. It was wonderful.

In other news, I took a picture of my smallest class yesterday...the last hour of the day. All of my classes are wonderful this year, and these girls are no exception. You can tell how bright they are and how friendly as well--I won't use "sweet" because, well, it's over used.

I heard two freshman girls talking yesterday morning at school. (They weren't in my class; I was just sitting in the corner eavesdropping.)It was a hysterically funny conversation that went like this:

"I really should have been born blond, you know."
"You think so?"
"Oh yeah, I'm so totally blond, you know,like all the time I'm like, 'where's my book and I left it and when I go to find it...I'm all saying the dumbest things and all".
"Then maybe you should dye your hair."
"You think so? What color?"

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Sky is Scenery Too

I remember when we lived in Colorado. People there knew that we had moved from Oklahoma and they used to ask us how we could stand living where there were no gorgeous scenery. Well, I have to agree that mountains are beautiful, but so are green fields. So is a cloudy sky. This evening I took these pictures of our exquisite scenery. So far, no rain out of all this, but you must admit it looks promising.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

Well, I haven't been blogging much, but that doesn't mean I've been sick in bed with influenza type A, or on vacation in the Bahamas, or even gadding about shopping malls with a glazed look to my eyes and lines on my arms from the heavy, plastic sacks.

I've been on spring break...and around here that means "Let's get stuff done!" Income tax took a day or two, but there was a little physical labor as well: I pulled nails and moved furniture and hauled off trash and helped my daughter unload more pots from her paint studio.

I had a breakfast one morning with my daughter and grandchildren at the coffee shop, got my hair cut, got my eyes checked-- and it seems they are no worse for their ten-year hiatus from inspection--washed about a dozen loads of clothes, typed two hundred questions for the next academic tournament, played geo-challenge on facebook, slept with the window open and breathed the wonderful air of spring.

On Saturday, I drove for a couple of hours into Texas and saw my mom, dad, brother, sister, and sister-in-law. We visited for a few hours and shared the cares and joys of our lives. I loved it. Even the trip was enjoyable and serene. I took a lot of pictures...lonely roads and miles and miles of beautiful, wind-full, scenery. It was such a peaceful interlude in my much too busy life.