Friday, June 19, 2009

Guess Who Learned How to Wink.

Sunday Scribblings Prompt: Vision

Old Farm House

This is the basic design for old farm houses in our part of the country. I've been in several of them and can tell you what the "state-of-the-art" floor plan was for the early 1900's. Downstairs are three rooms--a large, long living-room; a square kitchen, big enough to hold a table and chairs; and a big bedroom. (Most of these, if they have been kept intact, have a bathroom added on under the stairs; this one probably doesn't.) In the living room, at the foot of steep stairs leading to the upper floor, is a wood furnace. There is no door to the stairs, so the heat--theoretically--goes up to warm the four bedrooms, each of which has its own gable and window. It's a neat design for a farm family, especially since the farmers in this area grew their own harvest crew...and chopping cotton crew...and pulling rye crew...

The ground looks dry because I took these pictures back in March before the rains came. Now it is all green and golden.