Saturday, August 13, 2016

Olympic Shotput...

Women’s Shot Put Final—America’s Michelle Carter vs. New Zealand’s Valerie Adams

Her hair was a little too curly,
And her figure an out-sized too girly
But with one glorious swing
She landed the thing
And left her competitor surly!

They say that anything can happen at the Olympics. It looks like that’s about right. The New Zealand champion had won gold at the last two Olympics and held a strong lead in the event here until the final swing, when the American threw better than she had ever done before and won the gold.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

More Limericks 2016


In fencing one aims to provoke
With a sudden advance and a poke
If a foil makes a slash
There's a green or red flash
To enlighten the spectator folk.

            The Final Five
Five gymnasts who staked a gold claim
struck pay dirt with Olympic fame
With smiles on their faces
As they all took their places
They finally gave us their name.

Beach volleyball just can't decide
How much they should show or should hide
Why can't they wear shorts
Like other team sports
So there won't be so much to deride?

Here's a little limerick just for those announcers who feel they must fill every second with conversation no matter how inane:

 Those experts for every attraction
Must detail each minor infraction
They constantly chatter 
Of things that don't matter
While I want to be watching the action.