Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen--Colors of Sand

1. Gray Sand, Iceland--Doesn't look too Inviting, but I think that is caused by those frosty-looking little chunks of ice floating out there under a gray sky. I'm sure that on a summer day, you'd love to bury your toes in that gray sand. Wait. It's Iceland. Oh well.

White Sand, Florida--There were a multitude of pictures of Florida beaches and most of them looked like this. I don't know how they got the college students off for the picture, maybe they took it at 6:00 A.M., an hour as of yet undiscovered by most college students.

3. Coral Sand, Utah, USA. This one is very pretty, but I don't remember seeing any water nearby, and from the looks of this, I think I'd be wanting some right away.

4.Red Sand, Australia. This one is even a richer shade,
but, once again, it's in the outback,
not on a beach. It's gorgeous, nonetheless.

5. Silver Sand
, Scotland--This one even
sounds lyrical and inviting. The water looks cold,
but a walk along the beach in the evening
would be priceless, provided you take a good sweater

6. Cream Sand
, Trinidad. This one looks warmer,
and the water like milk against the cream.

7. Pink Sand,
The Bahamas-This one is rare,
caused by some type of quartz, I suppose,
a pink beach.

8. Yellow Sand,
Hawaii. I think I found
almost every color of sand in Hawaii.
Talk about a beautiful place.

9. Green Sand, Big Island, Hawaii

10. Golden Sands--
Luzon, Philippines--Although
you have to wonder how much of that golden
sand is really just golden sun.

11. Copper Sand--
Chili. Do we play in it
or just start mining?

12. Black Sand,
Once again, Hawaii is back,
this time with rare, volcanic, black sand.

13. White Sand, Texas.
This one was a bit of a surprise. It is composed of gypsum and flows through areas of dark sand in
the Guadalupe State Park. Looks like snow, but I think it is probably
warm and not too pleasant to bury yourself in. So please don't rush out there to do so.