Saturday, March 8, 2008

I Feel Like an Almost Designer

I haven't seen my cousin from Albuquerque in years, but I communicate with her at least twice a week via blogging or e-mail. Now, she has made a quilt for me. This was entirely her idea and shows her generous, caring spirit. I really didn't beg and plead for one.

But since she asked, I just happened to have a guest room/grandchildren's play room/room for the computer and keyboard for composing jazzy video tunes at midnight/wii room that needed a bedspread.

The twin bed in there is one built by my husband years ago for our own teenager when she shared a small room and needed storage. It needed a little spread that would fit without having to be tucked in. The rest of the furniture is left over from my son's room. So I had white furniture and black furniture in the room and didn't really want to paint it again.
She found fabric to tie it all together.
I added a couple of red pillows, bought a frame with a demo picture in it that I liked, found an old green matte up in the closet, painted it black and put it around the picture, snitched a few red/black/white things from around the house and Voila! Here it is.

I'm still lacking a wall hanging or two, and I'll certainly have to replace the knobs on the bed,
but I feel proud of what I've done so far. She also sent a pirate book for the grandkids. This evening, Grandpa, Grandma and Mim put it together. (That's it, sitting on the book case in the first picture)

So, dear Cousin, look what you started.

Thank you.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Famous Proverbs...Guessed at by my Students

Last week I promised you more of here they are--More famous proverbs finished by my junior high students.

Thursday Thirteen

1. You can't have your cake...

...before your spinach.

2. Bad news travels... circles

3. Don't cry over...

(particularly not junior high guys)

4. The road to hell is paved...
...with melted pavement

5. It takes two...
... to play ping pong

6. There's no fool like...
... one who thinks he is smarter than you.

7. The bigger they are the...
... better the football team.

8. Beauty is in the eyes... ...not the mouth

9. After the feast... ...comes dessert

10. You're never too old to.... ...skydive

11. Misery loves... (sad but true)

12. Barking dogs seldom......quit. (True. True.)

13. The pen is mightier.... ...than the county jail.

(just in case you've forgotten the real endings)
1. ...and eat it too.
3...spilt milk

4. with good intentions
5. to tango
6. an old fool
7. the harder they fall
8. of the beholder
9. comes the reckoning
10. to learn
11. company
12. bite
13. the sword

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Walk in the Dark

“It’s perfect for walking,” said my daughter last night, and that was enough.

We emerged without coats and scarves for the first time this year, out into the quiet street, under a dark sky, clear enough to see sparkles and clusters of vivid stars. Above our house, the Big Dipper was pouring out something—she said cheese, but if so it was the invisible kind. As we walked south toward the courthouse at the center of town, we could see Orion standing over us, guarding the street, and when we passed the little bridge into the next block, a tabby cat joined us, first circling, then pouncing and bounding ahead. He accompanied us to the end of that block, then reluctantly let us go. The air was March cool, hinting of spring and warm, whispering breezes; all the bare, white tree branches looked hopeful against the night sky.

So we walked on for a mile or so, talking about school, art studios, small towns, and the idiosyncrasies of the whole human race, because sometimes a girl and her mother just need to talk. Then we turned our back to Orion and headed home, where the Big Dipper was now pouring out music-- loud, lively strains as my son fiercely practiced on the piano. His chords and clusters of notes ricocheted off all the living room walls and escaped out onto the front lawn to greet us, where, oddly enough, they didn't even ripple the evening's quiet peace.

Today, I called my mom. We chatted for an hour about jigsaw puzzles, crocheted bedspreads, bread machines, and all the rest of the family. Sometimes a girl and her mother just need to talk.