Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Water Walking

Since the weather has steadily and uncharacteristically maintained August-type heat through June and July, and since the only time to exercise outside and not feel drained by said heat is at five-thirty before the sun comes up to sizzle in the sky and wither everything usually green to a nasty brown, the powers-that-be have provided an alternative of sorts. They call it water-walking. The pool doesn't officially open until one o'clock, but from nine until noon five days a week the older women of the town come to walk back and forth across the pool and thus exercise in comfort. Some wear hats and sunglasses; some wear shirts and shorts; some drag out matronly-looking bathing suits and an over-sized pair of water-weights. Occasionally, you'll see someone swimming across the pool, but mostly they just walk. Walk and talk. They never cease.Talk and walk. It's our answer to the plaza. Best of all. It's free. Our little town does some things right.