Friday, December 31, 2010

Organizing All The Piles of Stuff

I know it is dangerous to set new year's resolutions but I'm going to try just two...easy ones and not something that will overwhelm me into giving up.

I want to lose weight--at least ten pounds. (I know...I know...that's puny, but I'm not a superhero here)
I want to organize all my closets, cupboards, and dresser drawers. (It may take a year, but my goal is to do one each week. Doesn't sound hard, does it?)
Dare I try any more?
Nah. Those two will be hard enough.
Hope you have a Happy New Year
Be safe in the arms of God.

Here's a cartoon that reminds me of me.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sleep-over at Grandma's House

The grandchildren came over this afternoon for some time with Grandma.
Of course, I spoil them with mint chocolate chip ice cream and let them bring stuffed animals for solace and company. This time, Mim brought her new virus, Mononucleosis, complete with long, eyelashes. Zaya chose a couple of more vicious ones: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, called MRSA, and a really ugly, snake-like Ebola. He tempered his choices by bringing his good friend Penicillin. His dad warned him, as we left the house, that Penicillin was helpless to defeat those other two. He shrugged: "I know it; it's ok" .

Mim also brought something called Jupiter Juice. It's a bright pink slimy goo that comes off of most things with no residue (If anybody wants to tell me how to get it out of little girls' hair, it might be propitious)

Right now Zaya is entertaining himself with a Mario game; Mim is helping Claye cook muffins. She did well cracking the eggs, but is having a problem with how sticky her hands are feeling.
I'd say anyone who can handle Jupiter Juice, should have no squeamish qualms over cooking.

The muffins were pretty delicious--poppy seed with a lemon glaze. Claye set the coffee table in the front room and Mim found a place to wait and keep an eye on it while we found all the sugar and cream. It must have taken us longer than we thought because she also found time to invite a guest and drag him over to share her part of the table.


Mim's a properly prissy child. She says the best part of the tea party is adding the cream and sugar to the tiny cup and stirring it. Zaya feels like the main goal of the party is seeing if he can cram a whole muffin into his mouth at once.
Sooner or later, though, the party ends. Mim takes a bath and Zaya talks Grandpa into working on his model catapult and explaining every step. Doesn't take too much persuasion. After all, there are not too many people who are willing to listen to building project steps.

Windmills in December Fog

Monday, December 27, 2010


When it comes to Turtle and skills, I wonder if he hasn't descended from Norse stock, lived in Hrothgar's Hall and wrestled Grendel perhaps. Now before you raise that eyebrow and say "huh", bear with me a minute. I have my reasons for thinking this, the chief of which is his strange affinity for kenning-like hobbies skills. As long as we have been married, Turtle's brain has spun with orbiting interests as if affected by the laws of planetary motion; however, his passions come and go with widely varying schedules. Unlike the planets, they almost all begin with a B and are two-word expressions. My Norse-man is a: bee-keeper, bow-hunter, bike-peddler, back-packer, buck-skinner and book-binder.  I think the b must stand for "buy", because every time one of these interests strikes, he adds a few items to the equipment he needs for the hobby interest.

Lately, however, Turtle has added a seventh interest. Whether this means, having reached the perfect number, he will at last attain satisfaction in his own capacity for extraneous abilities, or whether this spells big trouble, I'm not sure. You see, this one has broken the streak of b's. It's fly-fishing.

Scary. ..has he migrated to another solar system and will he now begin to accumulate random skills like flee-bargaining and face-booking?