Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Well--Known Proverbs... Well, it Depends on Who's Saying Them.

Whenever we study Proverbs, I give my seventh and eighth graders common proverbs to complete. If they don't know the proverb, they try to guess at the answers. Then we discuss them. This gives me lots of fun, and helps them learn at the same time. Here are some samples of their answers. Some of them show a lot of good thinking, even if it changes the original idea. (If you can't remember the original proverb, look at the bottom of the page.)

1. You can't make a silk purse....

...without a worm

2. A little learning...

...goes a long way

...a lot of earning

(I think both of these are overly optimistic about the
job market.)

3. Don't cross the bridge

...until they build it (smart)

...until the trolls are gone (smarter)

...until you know what lies beyond it (smartest)

4. It takes one...

to make a difference
(He should be a motivational speaker, I think)

5. Don't throw the baby...

if you can't catch it. (Very scary...)

6. Don't make a mountain...

if you can't climb it. (Sounds like a good plan)

7. Don't cut off your nose...

if you want to breathe (Technically....well, we didn't go there.)

8. Don't count your chickens...

until you kill the fox. (Now this one really makes sense.)

9. Two's Company; Three's ...

... a gaggle, ( but that's geese... so would it be a giggle of girls?)
... a crunch,
... a party,
... business (I like this one)

10. A Bird in the hand is ...

....a lovely feeling. (someone is a bird lover...or a fried chicken eater)

The Real Answers
1. out of a sow's ear 2. is a dangerous thing 3. until you come to it 4. to know one 5. out with the bathwater 6. out of a molehill 7. to spite your face 8. until they hatch 9. three's a crowd 10. is worth two in the bush