Friday, June 22, 2012

Thunder and Rain

 I can think of several advantages to not caring in the least who wins a basketball game. For instance, this morning is still a lovely morning around my house, but, as I took a quiet walk I saw signs of a  subdued village. There are hopeful banners in store windows, demanding that some team make mincemeat of another team. Someone must have spent hours decorating for this desired victory. Now someone will spend the same amount of time solemnly scraping off the paint.

Thousands bought  T-shirts they won't want to wear anymore. . . and multitudes of Oklahomans will recover from stress brought on by suspense, indignation, and outrage. A myriad of enemies in far away Florida will name their infants Le-Bron or Jamey....

Ah well. It's still a beautiful moisty morning out here in Western Oklahoma!
We had thunder yesterday ...and then rain.  Life is Grand!