Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My World--Claye's Art Show

My daughter's senior art show was a great success. Lots of people came. We all milled around and visited and ate little cheesecake bites and strawberries and lunch meat and cheese. Here's a few blurry clips taken from the video in small pixels, but you can get some idea of her artwork.

Since the show had to have a title, she picked "My World".
What was supremely ironical was the theme and artwork of the guy she shared the show with: His was called "Fin del Mundo" or "End of the World". Here are the pictures of his art work. It made an interesting juxtaposition for the lobby of the Art Building.

and on to other ironies: Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week was "Art"

Valentine Limerick

It was written in silver graffiti:
"I can't live without you, my Sweetie,
I pine and I languish;
extinguish my anguish
and sail with me out to Tahiti"

Beneath it was painted in yellow:
"Although you're an eloquent fellow,
I cannot abide
a torrent or tide
And I'd rather have someone more mellow."

For Mad Kane's Valentine Challenge

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Just Don't Know Yet

I did walk by the alley again. The hole is nicely covered--level, no grass 0n it, just red dirt. The wood is still stacked beside it. I wondered though, maybe it never was a hole in the ground. Maybe the shadow cast by the noonday sun and the roof of the shed deceived me into thinking wet dirt and depth. My husband thinks I should forget it; it's a bunch of overactive imagination and too many detective books. And I could do that...if I only saw the wife, happily knitting or something. Still, I don't really want to walk over with a plate of cookies. It would look too suspicious. See, in the seven years I've lived here, I've only seen her twice. Once, sitting on the front porch in a rocker(I waved; she didn't) and once, standing in the driveway with lots of family members all around--a reunion or something. The husband is friendlier though. He and Turtle have chatted a few times, chiefly about his backyard building projects--a shop, complete with a little office, a nice cement driveway, and the shed. Also, Turtle bought a chipper, shredder from him at our last town-wide garage sale. He couldn't possibly be the kind to do mischief. Why, he even mows the back hill of our lawn occasionally--getting carried away after he mows his. I think I'll just have to wait until I catch a glimpse of his wife again. Then I'll feel relieved...but I probably won't stop reading those mysteries.

There is one thing though. When I drove down the street today, I looked toward that house into the narrow space between his house and his other neighbor's garage. What is he digging there? Sewer drainage leak? New basement sump pump system?Place to put a nosy neighbor?