Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Nursing Home Gig

Isaiah and Mim had the March birthday program at the nursing home today.
They sang three songs together and told some jokes.
Then Isaiah recited a poem and played the piano.
After that, they went around the circle and visited with a few of the residents, before
partaking of the St. Patricks' Day cake.
Of course Grandma had to film it. Here are a few clips.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big Plans

"So do you have big plans for spring break?"
That's the prevailing question from my students and I answer "Yes".

I'm going to...
Clear out the last of the autumn leaves
that crowd my daffodils,
Catch up on grading papers--
yes, everything I assigned.
Launder the winter clothes,
pack them away, and store them in the attic
Do the income tax and e-file it,
for myself and a daughter of mine
Watch my grandchildren in their first
gig at the local nursing home
Visit my parents in real life, instead of just  "online".

Is that big enough?
I think it's rather large compared with all those itty bitty ski trip plans so many people have.