Saturday, August 23, 2008

Not Keeping Up

It has been a difficult week. Sorry for not blogging or commenting much. I counted my hours and found that I had put in 71. That's counting driving time to and from school with a van load of students, and working in the concession stand--cleaning, sorting, ordering the groceries, buying groceries we needed from night to night, and running the actual stand for the games, which last from about three-thirty until eight, depending on who wins and how close the games are, so after clean-up and inventory and deciding with the class moms what to serve the next night, I've arrived home after nine three nights this week. It's insane. Who thought up sports anyway? Who invented senior trip?

Well, it's not all terrible. The students have been real troopers. Out of the ten, two play volleyball, and two play football. They come work in the concession stand whenever they aren't in one or the other. They're attitudes are great, and they are a joy to work with. I've also been helped by four of the moms. They take turns bringing groceries and helping in the concession stand. Still. I'm there from open to close.

Monday we have another set of games. I've decided I'm going to open them, then go to my room and do lesson plans and grading until around six, when the varsity plays. That way, I'm there in my room if they need me, but I won't be left with so much of my class work to do over the weekend. Surely, I'll get the hang of this and be more on top of it next week. (She says with a sigh.)

Anyway, on the bright side. My classes look good. Twenty three seniors all very excited to learn philosophy and logic and worldviews; great juniors, in spite of the concession marathon; sophomores: a mix--some wise, some still a bit immature; 15 seventh and eighth grade boys. They already talked me into setting up a chess tournament for them. (The Bracket is on the wall, guys!). We are doing an over view of the Old Testament. I can tell already that it's going to be fun. You would not believe it if I told you how polite some of these little guys are. Sometimes I just want to hug them. Then I have a small, quiet class at the end of the day: eight precious seventh and eighth grade girls. (May they stay that way all year!) (Well, not eight--I'll give the class room to grow--but precious...and quiet...It really helps at the end of the day.)

We also had a funeral this week. That's five for this year...five of our good friends in the church.
I guess as you get older, this happens. On Sunday evening, after church, Turtle and I sat and talked to a couple of our good friends--a board member and his wife--for an hour and a half, just visiting. Somehow you need that when times are tough.

Next week we start our Wednesday night program at church and tonight Elijah and his good friend Jeremiah are beginning a new thing: A contemporary worship service. We will just go sing for an hour, maybe a short devotional. It should be refreshing to the spirit... maybe counteract my crazy week.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Observations of Olympic Jewelry

(Limericks...for Sunday Scribblings), whose prompt was Observations

and for

Mad Kane, the Limerick Junkie, whose prompt was jewelry.

I'm going to take that as Olympic necklaces (for obvious reasons)

Men's Gymnastics

They're doing remarkable things
On the horse, on the bars, on the rings
Their leads are commanding
They stick every landing
They've balanced their Yangs and their Yings

Shelly-Ann Fraser

The 100 is no piece of cake-a
You cannot afford a mistake-a
Just a cool running leap
for a clean medal sweep
It's Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica!

Michael Phelps
His perfect, elongated torso
has been featured as never before, so
When his swimming suit slips
Down toward his hips
The length of it seems even more so.

Hey, there were a lot of pictures that better illustrated the point, but I just didn't want to post them on my blog.

However, I'm not trying to detract from his incredible feat--eight gold medals. Way to go, Michael!