Saturday, February 27, 2010

Zaya's Almost Six Coloring Party

It's getting close to Zaya's birthday--close enough for a little party anyway--so we had one today. He picked out the cake--lemon icing and yellow cake, and smiled pretty much all day, even when his dad gave him a birthday "spanking" (and one to grow on). We gave him a space exploration "kit"--stickers, books, and translucent color books. Then, for good measure, we threw in a my first classical composers piano book, sketch pad and "how to draw" sea creatures book, learning how to write Chinese book, and several "stained glass" translucent color books--ocean for Zaya and butterflies and flowers for Mim. Then grandpa gave them each a little "lantern" flashlight. So for the rest of the afternoon, as we visited off and on, we colored around the coffee table...all of us except grandpa (who worked on his sermon) and Elijah (who played Beatles guitar hero while everyone else took turns singing for him.) So if you know this family at all you will probably be able to guess who gave him what present. Their mom,Carina, brought some edible play doh--hoping, of course that the mess would all be made at grandma's house. (If you are ever tempted to buy any, don't. Just get sugar cookie mix and a set of food colors. Put a little extra flour in it and let them play.)
In a little while Zaya and Mim slipped away into the living room, (I think the adults had taken over the den coffee table for their coloring endeavors.) and I heard him say: "Come on, Mim, We're going to need a level surface." Taking a quick check on them later, I discovered the cushion house they had constructed together and took a picture of the star/planet stain glass windows they were making. What I didn't catch--until later when I developed this picture--were the two soft drink cans (It is strictly forbidden to carry these out of the kitchen, but they somehow managed.) Mim is wearing the red dress she always puts on at our house. Let's hope she overcomes the penchant for wearing it before she outgrows the dress. It doesn't quite match the pink suit underneath it, but how can you argue with such an angel?

Later, Zaya drew this and presented me with it--my own gold G'ma trophy.
I think the day was a hit!