Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Geese Go Waterskiing!

Toward the end of my hike yesterday I heard the strident honking of nearby geese and pulled out my camera to see if I could catch their flight. I snapped frantically, then stopped, sad that I had missed not only the flight but their whimsical landing. Three of them left beautifully synchronized sprays and looked as if they had planned a celebratory waterskiing finish. Later, when I developed the film, I found this picture and cropped it to share with you. Look. I got it after all, or at least the beginning of it. If I remember right the spray trails were much larger and more impressive, but see how they are actually skidding over the pond surface?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake....

 Last night was the Student Council Yearly Banquet...a school-wide affair. Even the junior high students participated, albeit as servers in black and white formality. It was supposed to be a "masquerade" so most of us had masques of some kind--either the simple ones that came with our invitations or more elaborate ones of our own concoction. The piano player wore a "Phantom of the Opera" masque, and a couple of the guys wore full-fledged gas masks. Our students are not intimidated by much.
 For entertainment we were split into groups and given a list of things to find and do around town, taking picture evidence that would be presented when we met, once again, at the arts center in town. My group, of course, was the best...well as far as behavior goes any way. I really appreciate not having to be worried about any lack of courtesy or kindness on their part. Here they are "walking through" a drive through.
 We had to sing Happy Birthday to a random stranger, so we stopped at the skateboard park and asked this dude. He agreed to listen and even joined in for a few notes.
When we finished the scavenger hunt and arrived back at our seats, the cake had been served. This was a stunning work of culinary art, prepared by the talented mom of one of our students.
As you might recall, since I gripe about it every now and then, I'm still on a diet. Although this delicacy was bound to sky rocket the calorie count for the day, I had to taste it, at least.
That was a dire mistake. After two bitty bites I felt like I was a deprived soul in a world based on sugar and moist, delectable crumbs with a hints of strawberry paradise. But--you will be proud of me--I resisted. No, not with it sitting there in front of me; I fled the rest of the festivities and came home to my quiet house. Some temptations you just have to flee.