Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good Influence

Seniors in high school seldom realize their place as leaders and role models for the rest of the school. If they are enthusiastic, serious about their future, and concerned with the affairs of lesser mortals like freshmen and  lowly seventh-graders, they are respected and even loved by those who just need someone to push them into the joys of participation and a good attitude. On homecoming days we dress up. If the seniors lead the way, it makes for some interesting days and an exhibit of often hidden creativity. Fortunately, this years seniors are doing a great job with the role.

Our over-all theme this year is "Winter Wonderland".
Today was Christmas character day. We had shepherds,
wise men, angels, elves, and reindeer.

I finally decided that this one must be from Dickens: It looks like the "Ghost of Christmas Present".

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Plaid/Clash Day

 My favorite dress-up homecoming days at school are those simple ones which invite participation from everyone. . .like plaid/clash day.

 Who hasn't wanted, at some time during their life, to say: I don't feel like matching my wardrobe today. In fact I feel like clashing just as awfully as I can!