Saturday, October 1, 2011

From Whence These Right-brained Souls?

Help! I'm now living in a house with two artists!
First Claye slowly turned into a sculptor; now Turtle has suddenly blossomed into a sketcher.
We should call him Grandpa Moses, I think, because when he gets into a hobby, he seriously gets into it, though there be any number of Red Seas before him.  Turtle started taking lessons from Claye, who agreed to give him some pointers, although drawing isn't really her forte. Then he bought books on the subject and has now filled the den with every perfect shade and texture of pencil and every size of  drawing notebook

 Whenever he has to sit and wait--and that's not uncommon for a pastor who makes hospital calls--he draws portraits of the people sitting around him, and while he is sitting at conventions or in airports, he sketches the nearby buildings.

The good thing about it is that he is helping to illustrate my lesson plans for the Wednesday night children's program; The bad thing is...well...I kind of wish I could paint or something or maybe play the piano or the cello or write legibly...yes that would be a good start. I'll work on that.

Anyway, to give you some idea of what this is all like: I came home from work a couple of days ago and found this shopping list on my fridge:

A Few More Pictures from my Classroom

Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Exciting Homecoming Week

Something special about our school is the degree of student participation in almost everything---even crazy dress up days before homecoming. This week we had: royalty Day, fake injury day, highlighter day, movie character day, and of course our normal Friday blue and white day.

On Monday, we were inspired to be in the presence of such important monarchs as Queen Elizabeth, Queen Katherine, and...Hannah Montana? What's she doing here?

This little girl is the Queen Bee.

On Tuesday, injury day, it was difficult to get around in the halls for all the wheelchairs and casts and braces. I wore a bit of bandage tape on my face, but other than that, dressed in ordinary clothes. There was enough fake bleeding to make the place look like a triage tent and I felt some of us needed to be whole enough to care for the injured.

Wednesday, highlighter day, we had one hundred percent participation...thanks to neon duct tape. It was a wild, shiny day.

It was also "See you at the Pole" Day so we rather lit up the street as well.

Yesterday, movie characters were running around everywhere.

I was Gladys Aylward from the Inn of the Sixth Happiness, the science teacher was Ben Stein, from the movie Expelled, and there were students from every genre around...well every genre that didn't stretch the dress code too far.

Our winners on Thursday were  from Veggie Tales: Bob and Larry. They played their instruments and sang in the halls between every class.

Today is blue and white day. The posters will be judged. Homecoming will happen this evening out at the football field...and I'll be running around trying to fit the last of the t-shirt orders with those who ordered...but didn't get them delivered yet. Wish me a blue and white day!