Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thin Lady On Treadmill Who is not Me...Sigh

Well, I've been exercising faithfully for a month, putting up with no end of people coming into the gym and wearing out the equipment. For example, the other night, when Turtle and I ventured up for a workout, there were nine people huffing and puffing up there. Thankfully, the one who plays the loudest, most obnoxious music--all about the virtues of whiskey, easy women, and taking drugs--wasn't there to lambast us with her high brow selections, but lots of other people were. One man set the treadmill to ten miles an hour and to the highest incline. He was trying to impress the playing field, I think, with his thunderously pounding, shock-absorbing, black tennis shoes, and show his wife how utterly tough and manly he could be--for the four minutes he stayed on. I've finished two books and begun and rejected two others as unsuited for treadmill reading, (they have to be exciting enough to keep me from noticing the time). I've made friends with a couple of fellow exercisers who are pretty nice people. Still. Alas. I haven't lost any weight--well no more than I could attibute to a water pill. That's the bad news. The good news is this: My blood pressure is down. I've weaned off the medicine and it is staying down on its own. So... progress, I think. I may have lots of padding, but at least it is firmer fat.