Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This is where we all get it...

This is a recent chat from our family page. I guess you can see where we get that compulsion for clarity in language.

Dad has another app't. Thurs. at the foot Dr.'s in Amarillo.He is going to remove the toe nails on  both big toes. He says he knows how to do it so it won't hurt.We shall see!!

I sure hope they have come up with a way to do that. Be sure to keep us posted on it. Is he planning on driving over there and back home again with the newly removed toenails?


Dad says he's driving back without the newly removed toenails. He said he would leave them there. :)

He may not feel so sassy once they are gone! :) I can drive him if you need. Please tell him so.

Funny Daddy. Let us know. It will be nice for him to not have the irritated toes anymore. And yes, I realize that he'll have the toes. Just not irritated ones.


Carina said...

Why yes, our family is a little bit strange. Thanks for the illustration!

aftergrace said...

Yeah, but what about comments from the other siblings????

Your dad is as tough as nails-no pun intended. :)

SunnyBrook said...

Love it, sis!