Sunday, April 3, 2011

Red Bud Trees

"There sure are a lot of those blue trees beside the road," remarked my husband, as we drove out in the spring countryside.

"Blue? Where?"

"There's one now. Right there."

"Those are not blue. They're purplish-pink."

"That's what Claye said. Still, they look blue to me."

Turtle has a "red" deficiency color-blindness, so I guess if you take the red from purple that leaves blue.

They're called red bud trees. I wonder why. Shouldn't they be pinkish, purplish bud trees?
Turtle would have called them "blue bud trees."

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aftergrace said...

I love these trees! They've been pretty popular here lately, and I've been told by Mark to "find a place to plant one in our yard".