Friday, April 8, 2011

A Foggy Morning Blurs the Sun

As I was leaving the house for school this morning, my phone rang. It was Zack, one of the sophomores who drives from this direction toward school.

He said, over a patchy cell phone line: "Uh, you might want to go the south way to school today...down by the bridge... there's some--and then his voice cut out entirely.
Well, I could tell by his tone that this wasn't about a terrible accident, so I knew:  he shares my love of the scenery, and today must be a gorgeous one for a camera.

I took the southern route.

At first I could only see a red glow, then a muffled sun, rising in cloudy soup.

Before long, however, I made out great patches of fog that had settled noiselessly into all the low-lying areas.

Down by the river, I dove into a dark tunnel of the stuff.

Then the road began to climb, and I emerged to the beauty of higher fields--sheeted in thin wisps of fog that reflected the sun like gold.

Such a beautiful morning!

Thanks, Zach. 


Carina said...

We enjoyed the morning drive as well. I loved how it seemed like rivers of fog running between the hills.

aftergrace said...

Beautiful! Zach knows a good photo opp!