Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bony Branches

I once beheld
cerulean skies of summer
while standing under bony boughs
of sleepy winter trees

They twisted in a languid stretch,
to soak in rays of saffron
Their hands extended longingly
as far as they could reach

There was no place
for doves to hide above me,
Nor did they seem concerned to be
without their leafy screens

I understood their fearlessness,
and felt their sense of safety,
 As paralyzed with wonder,
I breathed the same warm breeze.

I took all these pictures--and a few more--yesterday evening and this afternoon as I went walking around our little town. Trees are just a fascinating subject for me: the young, beautifully designed ones, growing in balanced harmonious sculptures, and the old ones, maimed by countless ice storms, yet sprouting forth with stubborn new limbs to form exotic shapes against the sky. Anyway, here are a few more for your viewing delight.


Old Altonian said...

What a beautiful poem, and what lovely pictures. I envy your skill on both counts.

Kenia Cris said...

Trees embrace us in the history of mankind, they give us so much, don't they? =)

Your poem is so beautiful and so are the photographs. =)

Thanks for sharing.


lightverse said...

Your poem was so lovely and expressive, and the photographs complimented it perfectly.

jaerose said...

Yes, absolutely beautiful - and magical..finding safety and branches that will be..Jae

Understanding Alice said...

I liked this - especially your pictures with the doves x

Wendy said...

Wow. I'm dreaming of saffron skies now. Beautiful.

zetor said...

Beautiful photos and lovely lines!

WarmSunshine said...

Loved all the photographs!

Thanks for sharing :)

Susannah said...

Beautiful! and so wonderful to see that blue sky. :-)

Mary said...

Really like you musings and the lovely photos.

oldegg said...

Great pictures, great poem. I am not so sure the birds feel that safe with no foliage on the trees to hide in, but who knows?

LeiffyV said...

Great write and the pictures make the journey wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Kim Nelson said...

I love your perspective and the story you poetically strung together to accompany the images you captured. A wonderful, wintry life affirmation.

Linda May said...

Those beautiful bare branches promise renewal with each season. Lovely post and pictures Lilibeth.

Leo said...

for the birds, the safety is not in the cover, but in the branches they call home? :) home safe home I think..

mine is here:

Rose said...

your photos give a true sight of the barren trees that sometimes can make us sad. they still provide a haven for animals such as birds . no matter what trees are a valuable treasure. rose