Monday, January 24, 2011


Zaya is allergic to everything furry--dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, even mice. Yet he loves animals and wants a pet, even if it has to be a fish. This fall his parents bought him a Tokay gecko. Unfortunately they didn't read the fine print at the animal store and found themselves with a vicious "pit bull" of the gecko family, a creature that's fun to look at, but can't be petted and cuddled. So, after a visit to the high school science room today, Zaya has decided that he wants a Salamander. He says they are cute. Well, maybe they are in a plastic, slimy sort of way.


Rose said...

i love animals, but lizards isn't something i like. take care rose

Carina said...

He was so upset that we couldn't go back and see them again the next day. He kept saying, "Those salamanders sure were cute!"

aftergrace said...

At least he's not like Ren, she has a spider for a pet-yuck!