Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Parade of Plastic Daisies

Since it's only 2 degrees outside today, and snow is blowing everywhere, our orders are: stay home, stay inside, drink hot chocolate, and read a book. Wow! What a dreadful sentence. Just imagine all the grief it'll cause me to comply.
Ok, I'm kidding. My kindle and hot coffee are waiting. Now why did I put away that Christmas tree last week?

I think my neighbors up the street had the right idea when they planted these winter daisies. Later today, I'm going to bundle up properly and see how they are faring in the snow.


aftergrace said...

We've got the same thing happening here. Cold, snowy and windy. School cancelled. You're right about it being a good day to stay inside.

Kenia Cris said...

I love daisies, and sunflowers - all sorts. What a lovely garden they have made! Sweetness shared.

It's so hot in Brazil right now that I'm melting, I swear!

Kiss you. =*

Rose said...

it's cold in my part of GA> the snow is gone. we could enjoy the pretty flowers if we got a heat wave. rose

Rose said...

hi! jumping back to say thanks for your comment re photos. take care rose