Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time and Eternity

Everywhere we run we hit the walls of time.
Harsh deadlines rising grimly to remind us
But aren't dimensions meant to give us freedom?
How is it this anomaly confines us?

We run on lines, we swim on planes,
We jump and dive through ups and downs of space.
Every new dimension
adds new roads--both to and fro.
We have a choice; the arrows point both ways.

Until we get to time, the broken blessing.
Time is a ray and not a normal line,
A one-way escalator built in segments to the end.
And we're carried...sometimes seeing, sometimes blind.

So I bear a desperate knowledge that compels me,
While running with the wind against my face
To savor each sensation, for I know this very minute
I'll not ever see again--not in this place.

As those I love desert the earth, I fathom
That our mortality is the curse that's broken time,
It's now a cage, a box, a moving pathway
Of stairs you can descend, but never climb.

And then eternity spreads vast around me
An awesome universe of endless joy
And looking back, confused by all this freedom,
I finally understand: Time was the door.


Altonian said...

There seems a strange affinity of thought going on here - overlapping ideas. But my words were not as beautiful as yours - a grand poem of great meaning and philosophy.

oldegg said...

What a stunningly deep and powerful piece on life, death and our place in the world.

You have captured the essence of being and am stunned by the depth of feeling you evoked.

Utterly brilliant.

lightverse said...

What a richly drawn metaphor! "Time was the door." I am in awe,

Linda May said...

I like the connection of, eternity and time.So right.

Linda May said...


Rose said...

good morning. strange that your subject is time. since xmas, I have struggled as to whether to put my blog on hold. It's difficult for me to just sit and type. I decided to continue to take the time to blog and not get obsessive. Blogging is like having a friend with you although they are not physically.I miss my friends. Value the time we have and how and what we do with it before we die. Our body will be gone, but our movements and spirit can remain on earth to those we know. So after much said, Hi!. rose

jaerose said...

This poem was like running and running through your thoughts, trying to make sense and then there it was - that last line 'Time was the door'..and you seemed to take a breath and reach some kind of resolution..wonderful write..Jae

Susannah said...

This is such a special, deep and powerful piece of writing. I loved it!

Wise and wonderful writing.

Roshelle said...

I loved it!

Carina said...

Beautiful and so very true. Time can be heartbreaking, but you've got the right idea, I think.

aftergrace said...