Saturday, May 15, 2010

Well at least we had good intentions.

For our "end of the year" party yesterday we had planned to go to Norman and help the Salvation Army clean up after the recent tornado. We arrived at school in boots, jackets, old jeans, work gloves and baseball caps--all swathed in sunscreen, carrying crowbars and magnets. We were ready to work. We were prepared for tetanus shots. They called all the teachers into the workroom at 8:15.

Problems. It was pouring rain in the city and nobody wanted a crew of kids and their chainsaw-wielding dads to descend upon the wreckage in the slippery mud...especially if there was a chance of lightening. So we all came up with ideas. Surely somebody needed us. But every phone call we made led to a dead end. It was frustrating, to say the least...especially for the students, who had been excited about helping.

There was another problem also: Lightening had struck the pumps at the COOP and there was no gas for the bus. We would probably be able to make it to the next town for fueling, but there was no guarantee of that. Do we risk it and go to the park?

So the students watched a movie and played in the gym. I worked on the senior slide show for the graduation and finished averaging all my grades for the year. This is the earliest I've ever finished them. Good thing though, because I'm going on senior trip Monday. Yikes, I need to do all my laundry!

Anyway, I was proud of the students. They took it all in stride, and with all those boots it was some stride!


rose said...

God bless all of you for offering to help out at this time of diaster. Your intentions are important. Glad to hear you are safe.

aftergrace said...

Wow, most kids I know would have been whining like crazy. Your kids are top notch!