Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I feel spoiled...

Long hours at school without a break...the year is almost over.
Just when I was feeling harried, harassed and haggard, three great blessings came my way:

First, a good friend and the mother of a couple of my students volunteered to help me catch up with my pile of ungraded papers...which has been going through an untidy and unmanageable growth spurt. She worked for hours and inspired me to get everything graded--up to today's turn-ins. Blessings on her!

Second, the home economics class invited us to eat a home-baked lasagna meal in the library. Since it was their quarter test, they outdid themselves: settings! candles! waitstaff!

Third, when I finally straggled home, my husband had grilled a steak for me. It was just perfect--not too done. I felt like a grand dame.

Only one unfortunate thing happened today. I had a bad fall.

I fell off the top of my "no sugar" diet and landed in a chocolate cheesecake.


Carina said...

At least the landing was soft! Glad you had some pick-me-ups too!

aftergrace said...

Yeah I had a fall today too, into a box of Junior Mints-ouch!

rose said...

Aren't friends grand. Sounds like it was a good for meals. Husband must be a sweetie.

Roshelle said...

Praise God for good friends! :)