Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Good Intentions

Because of "end of the year" school activities, I've not had enough time with the grandchildren, so they came over yesterday for a while. We strolled up to see the goats at the edge of town. Last year they approached the fence and ate the weeds we offered them. This year they just kept munching grass and ignored us. Zaya and Mim were patient for a while, but they finally gave up, so disappointed they came straight back to the house and retreated to their toy buckets. We only stopped a few times along the way for important stuff--like catching bugs for the bug jar, and playing with the helicopter seeds under somebody's mimosa tree.


Carina said...

We'll have to try the goats again after a dry spell and see if they're any hungrier.

rose said...

Sorry about the goats, the children in tubs was cute. Have a good day.

aftergrace said...

Kids are amazing, they can make a fun time out of just about anything. Lucky for us!