Sunday, May 9, 2010

...For a Mom Who Read to Us

Thanks God,
for a Mom who read to us--
showed us Daniel, fearless in Babylon;
Jorli, alone in the white, cold Alps;
read us Little Pilgrim's Progress,
Christian and Faithful on the perilous path.

We heard about Ruth and Esther and Joseph
About Joan of Arc and Pollyanna, the glad girl.

"Oh Please," we'd cry, "Just one more chapter!"
thus begging our way through many a book--
through Hiawatha's lyrical childhood,
down the Highwayman's "ribbon of moonlight" road,
into dark Sherwood with Robin Hood.

We listened to songs of Arabian Nights,
Heard about King Arthur and his friends:
Lancelot, Merlin, and righteous Galahad!
Dragons! Damsels! Mighty Men!

She taught us courage!
Our slumber was brave,
and our dreams intrepid!

Thanks, God.
Thanks, Mom.


rose said...

Just spending a quiet day looking at blogs. I loved your Mothers DAY memmory. Unfortunately, my Mother wasn't into reading, she was from Europe and felt uncomfortable with her speech. Although this was my Mom, she made up in different ways. Hope you have a good Mothers Day. If you have any free time, come and check out my blog

sg beatty said...

the courage of a mother may be the best courage there is. I liked the way you tied the prompt to your mother. wonderful tribute.

oldegg said...

What excellent double of courage and Mothers Day all in one. There is so much to gain to having your children eager to be read to, or told of your childhood, or of relatives or events in the past.

Great picture too!

anthonynorth said...

A lovely tribute.

aftergrace said...

Very nice.

Tammy Brierly said...

A mother teaching courage through reading is a wonderful gift. Lovely poem.

Divaa Divine said...

the most amazing read in daysssssssss!!!

you touch my deep set emotions!

faith said...

Wow, so inspiring and lovely. A wonderful gift to a child - books. Thank God for parents who read good literature to their children. Such a blessing.