Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kids and Sailboats= Tears and Trophies

Turtle and I went out this evening to watch our grandchildren participate in the award ceremony for their AWANA Wednesday night classes. The main event was a sailboat competition. This was followed by presentation of T-shirts for those who had memorized at least 45 verses and a special "pie-throwing" prize for those who had memorized the most in each class.

Mim is a cubbie and doesn't handle people screaming very well. She managed the boat well until about midway down the canal, when the roar of the crowd got loud. Then, as she said: "You can't blow hard when you're crying."

For a little while Mim seemed to be devastated by the incident, but in three or four minutes she was running around the gym acting crazy with another little girl her age and had forgotten all about coming in last with her nicely crafted little boat.I don't think it scarred her for life anyway.

Zaya fared somewhat better. He bounced all over the gym with great glee, but managed to settle down enough to furnish a strong sailing wind for his ship and sail it through several races into first place.

After all the other awards were given, Zaya was allowed to throw a pie into the face of one AWANA leader. He chose the event emcee...who reacted as he did to everything--with cheerful melodrama. I'm pretty sure I would have felt let down to receive that prize instead of something of a book or a game...but Zaya seemed to think it a wonderful reward. Ah well. I'm just glad we didn't try something like that at our AWANA fun fair. I'm trying to go without sugar.


Carina said...

Two extreme personalities there. They had such a good time, all things considered. I want copies of all the Yacht race pictures, pretty please.

aftergrace said...

I'm with Mim-I don't like people screaming either. It sure does look like everyone had a good time.
Love the tie dyed shirts-too cool!