Saturday, March 23, 2013

Schoolhouse, Treehouse, Apothecary

I don't think my grandchildren realize what a wonderland they live in. This is their schoolroom--the wall not showing is completely full of books and educational games. The deck is for wildlife watching, and their classroom boasts a microscope with slides. The drawers hold at least twice the curriculum they need. They love it--school at home that is. Carina teaches most of their subjects and Art fills in with engineering and math, science experiments and some of their P.E. They are rather advanced in all their classes, but don't realize that, since they've not had a lot of opportunity to compare.

Since their main coursework is over by noon they are allowed to play "games" if they finish their chores. The games are all educational games like Khan Academy, SAT vocabulary, and Dragon Box-(a fantastic little app for the i-pad that teaches algebraic equations and the balancing thereof without ever saying that's what it's doing.)
Real video games--like Lego Mario and Pokemon are restricted to week-ends, and they don't watch regular television--just pre-approved netflicks.
So they play a lot, imaginative play like building with legos and circuitry boards. They practice piano, and guitar, read lots of books, jump on the trampoline, and catch tadpoles in the creek. Sometimes they see a deer in their backyard, and every morning, a groundhog waddles up from the creek to nose around the flower bed.
They have a rope swing that sails to the top of the world, and a hammock for naps at the edge of the horizon.
Their papa is in the process of building them a treehouse. It spans two trees and uses a third for a natural ladder. It's easy to climb. I was able to scale right up. The roof is half shingled, and the outside just lacks siding. They will probably paint the inside themselves. Mim calls it her castle.

If you look through this hole in the floor, you can see how the spokes of the tree serve as handgrasps and footrests.

This is Mim's apothecary/rockshop where she grinds grasses, flowers, and herbs and where she cracks rocks open to examine their anatomy. She's proud of the counter and all the little spaces where she stores smashing, grinding and cleaning tools.

The trampoline is Zaya's favorite place to be outside. He spends hours jumping and playing imaginary games, saving the world from villains and dreaming up new inventions.

The neighbors' dog  has adopted all the kids in the neighborhood and wandered over to inspect this grandmother and make sure she was not a rabid groundhog. Either I passed the test, or the dog was morbidly afraid of rabid groundhogs but clever enough to appear nonchalant.


Carina said...

Now we just need a little warm weather so I can kick them out of the house to enjoy their outside world. So much easier to have fun in the tree-house when everyone isn't fluffy with coats.

aftergrace said...

Wow! What a great place to live! It is so beautiful. Maybe someday I can see it in person. :)