Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elusive Cardinal

While I was visiting my daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren in Missouri, a brightly colored cardinal kept perching in the convoluted, brown branches of an oak tree outside their window. Most of the time, the weather was gray, and his brilliance made an amazing contrast to the background. For three days I tried to get that picture. Impossible! As soon as I'd open the window, or sneak around the side of the door on the deck, he'd be off.

The best I could do was take his picture through the rain-spotted window, or capture his glowing silhouette in the trees across the creek with my zoom at the max.

I think there needs to be a place for a hidden camera on my daughter's back porch--not just for Mr. cardinal, but for Mr. groundhog, and the squirrel family as well, and for the sparrows, the robins and the occasional bluebird.


Carina said...

Not to mention the deer and the bunnies...we may just live at the edge of the hundred acres wood. Mim is afraid there's a bear in there, but I've assured her that there isn't.

aftergrace said...

I hadn't realized how Cardinals really stand out. You kiddos live in such a pretty place