Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Do it Yourself Bulldozer

I took the grandchildren two building kits: a bulldozer and a helicopter. Mim chose the bulldozer first.It involved a little patience with a wrench and screwdriver, but they finally got it put together one evening with their daddy's supervision and motivation. What might have turned into a tedious task was done with relatively little whining, and they were proud of the finished product. Here's Zay, posing patiently for my documentation of the deed.And giving himself horns, because a nine-year-old boy thinks no picture of children should be without at least one child in horns.

And here is Mim, revealing the real reason she chose the bulldozer.
It seems she needed a carriage for her family of Polly Pockets.
If I were a Polly Pocket, I'd try to hide the copter before it made it onto the assembly table.


Carina said...

There are a couple of Squinkies on the back, too.

aftergrace said...

Adorable! What on earth is a Squinkie?