Friday, January 18, 2013

Homecoming Tiles and Blue and White Day

STUCO has been hard at work on the backdrop for this Fire and Ice themed Homecoming. So far they've finished the fire, but the ice is still missing. Ceiling tiles are done, however. (Every grade has to paint two.) They're exceptional this year, I think.

Blue and White Day is at once the easiest day for dressing up...and the most fun, I think.

Ah well. Homecoming week is safely behind us.  I might actually have to come up with other topics...maybe review some of the great books I've been reading.


Carina said...

Love the tiles. It looks like they all did a great job!

aftergrace said...

It looks like fun, and all the kiddos look like they are enjoying the day. The tiles are cool, good idea.