Monday, January 14, 2013

Homecoming Theme--Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice. It doesn't really sound like a homecoming theme, but, ever since they were in the eighth grade, the STUCO reps have been suggesting it. This year they got the go ahead...

The verse they chose to go with it was Psalm 147:17-18   He hurls down his hail like pebbles. Who can withstand his icy blast? He sends his word and melts them; he stirs up his breezes, and the waters flow. 

Our dress-up days are always a challenge. Monday was "fire and ice". I'm Ishkoodah, the Comet, which looks like fire but is really ice. It's a little hard to see, but my icy snowflake actually glows in the dark. (thank you, after Christmas sales) Believe it or not, it's easier to teach when one is wearing a diadem and carrying a very sharp scepter.

Here are a couple of fire and ice pictures from the halls.

Seventh graders and sophomores.

Are they cool? Or are they hot?
It's interesting that it means precisely the same thing in slang.
Obviously, having the old school advantage, I've lived through the "in" and the "out" of  both. Since "in-ness" and "out-ness" have never been high on my list of concerns, I have fun being both.

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Carina said...

You look very lovely and regal as the comet. =)