Monday, August 22, 2011

My fifty dollar tomato

Back in May, when I was still hopeful, I planted a few tomato plants up against the back of the house in didrect east sunlight. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was the shock of seeing tomatoes at the grocery store--big, juicy round red ones--for a dollar and ninety-nine cents. I'm sure I thought, "I could buy a whole plant for that." In fact, I'll buy a half dozen plants and make the investment. So I did.
They wouldn't have lasted a week, however, without constant watering. In fact some of them did wither and die while my back was turned, but most of them survived. Here's the fruit of my constant the time you count the increase in my water bill, I'm estimating that this two inch tomato cost me fifty dollars. I sure hope it tastes good.

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aftergrace said...

It is a very precious tomato indeed. Hang in there, summer is winding down-hopefully. :)