Saturday, June 12, 2010

Silly Putty

If you have grandchildren, you might want to pick up some silly putty. Yes, it still exists, and it still comes in those little plastic egg shapes. They do make it in new colors though.
Zaya's is bright orange, and Mim's is a palid pink. Their first creations were to be expected.

Zaya made a brain. He showed it to me and described the cerebrum convolutions as that "thinking, piled up area on top". Then he went on to show me and that "smoother area in the back and the brain stem to control breathing and such".

Mim made a tornado. "Look!" she said as she twisted it around, "It's tornading" Hum. Interesting new verb for an Oklahoma girl. So I wrote silly putty limericks for them:

Dark storms from the west are invading
With ominous clouds circulating.
We run helter-skelter
For underground shelter.
The tornados are tornading.

The top of the brain looks all scrunchy
Full of thoughts like: "It's time for my lunchy".
The back's lightly grooved,
With a surface that's smoothed
And the stem's made of nerves in a bunchy.


Carina said...

Zaya made up a new joke today.

How is a plant like a camera?

It has photosynthesis!

Lilibeth said...

His jokes are getting better.

rose said...


aftergrace said...

Cute! He's a chip off the old block.