Friday, June 11, 2010

Odd Things # 1

I took some pictures at an old cemetery the other day. It wasn't until I uploaded them later that I noticed the frogs...faithfully keeping vigil near their owner's resting place.

If I were really astute and incisive I would make some kind of life observation or parallel, but thoughts and words fail me.

In fact, when it comes to odd things, words fail me a lot. So I've decided to post a series on all the odd things I've taken pictures of this summer.

This is the first: tombstone frogs.


rose said...

very unusal. don't know whatelse to add. have a good weekend rose

aftergrace said...

Frogs? Well, I guess you can take some things with you-sort of.
It's a great pic though, I love walking through cemeterys, it's always peaceful.