Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pistol Pete

That's the dog's name. Every morning he gets to walk a mile with his faithful owner, who is partially blind. Whenever the dog sees me coming, he sends out a yelp and begins to tangle his chain with the wild hope that I will stop to pet him. If I do, however, he jumps up and puts his front paws on my chest.

That's why the previous owner--a three year old boy--gave him to my neighbor, the mile-a-morning man. I think I could cure the dog of this disconcerting jumping habit by stepping on his hind toes every time he jumped on me, but I don't want to upset the status quo, so I'll leave him ignorantly in his misconceptions of what people like as dog behavior.


rose said...

cute little story to start the day. have a good day. rose

aftergrace said...

Yep, jumping dogs can be annoying. Sometimes a knee in the dog's chest will stop them from wanting to do the tango with you!

Jingle said...

adorable dog.
walking dogs can be fun!