Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ominous but Beautiful

This evening we had beautiful weather here, cool, but not cold. We gathered with close friends to partake of grilled burgers and more trimmings than the counter could hold, talking about grandchildren, and grandparents and quilts, flowers, furniture, llamas, and the weather...always the weather.

To the south was brilliant, sunlight sky...just a few loose puffs of cloud. But to the north a storm was brewing. I stood in the same spot to take these pictures. Quite a difference, I would say. Thankfully, this storm missed us, but I hear
there was baseball sized hail not far from here.

Tomorrow I depart for senior trip--and the lovely hills of southern Missouri.
I pray for no storms...of any kind.


Carina said...

We pray for you safety and sanity to.

rose said...

Have a good and safe trip. Have a good day.

aftergrace said...

So beautiful, but yet contains scary stuff. Any tornados?