Saturday, November 21, 2009

Two Little Turkeys

We enjoyed wonderful weather today--Foggy in the morning, clearing to cool yet sunny perfection. "Art" and "Carina" came over and brought the grandkids. We had a semi-quiet day. First, the little ones recited their turkey poems. Of course I had to film them for posterity (or embarrassing teen age moments). Then we settled into a quiet after spaghetti lunch stupor. Zaya kept sending his father on imaginary deep sea exploration assignments via an imaginary laptop and a noisy "you've got mail" icon. Finally, Art felt he had fulfilled his last imaginary quest for the afternoon and let his "laptop" run out of power. "Whoosh", Zaya whipped up an imaginary power cord to re-energize it. After a while the grandkids discovered that it was nice enough to play outside...and there were leaf piles. . . fodder for fantastic leaf storms. I thought I'd see Mim complain about the leaves in the face scenario, but she smiled bravely through it all.


Carina said...

She doesn't typically complain if she's the instigator. Very suspicious!

aftergrace said...

Too much fun at your place! Yes, do hang on to this for the future teenage years.