Sunday, November 15, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

My little students finished packing their box today in children's church. We decided to send it to a boy, aged 4-9. After we packed it, several of the children prayed that it would arrive safely and be a joy for that little boy. Here they are, praying for their box.

Wherever you are in the world, little boy--in a refugee camp, a slum or a flooded pasture--we want you to know that we are sorry you live in such awful circumstances, and that we want to help you, and bring the light of God's love into your life. Amen.


Carina said...

Not only will this box bless the boy who receives it, but it will also bless these kids. I'm sure they won't forget collecting for it, praying and sending it off.

aftergrace said...

We always look forward to this every year at our church. Going shoping for the children is lots of fun.

Praying over the box is an wonderful idea! :)