Friday, November 20, 2009

Grandparents' Day

I took a couple of hours off from my own school to visit my grandchildren at theirs.
The children were all wide eyes and excitement, but on their best behavior--sitting primly around the circular table, eyes on the teacher in flashes, but filled with secret glances at all the grandparents, who had turned out in droves to support the little tykes. My grandchildren had both grandmas and both grandpas there. After an opening time, the grandfathers went with Zaya while the grandmas followed Mim. When I sat down beside her, in the grandma chair, she whispered: "Grandma, how do you like my new school shirt. It's unusually long." It is at that.

After a few activities, we met in the dining hall and ate a fine lunch together.

Thanks, Moms and Dads. Thanks for providing such a great opportunity for us to interact with our grandchildren and their daily activity.


Carina said...

And the grandkids loved it! They were so excited to see you all, and I know they're already looking forward to next time.

I hope they realize someday what wonderful grandparents they have, and how blessed they are to have all of their you here close.

aftergrace said...

I love this picture! Turtle looks like a content g-pa!