Friday, May 23, 2008

Limerick and Haiku--Dating

This is in response to Mad Kane's Limerick Challenge
The Topic is Dating.


He thought her a bit over-rated
She firmly pronounced him out-dated
Yet, odd to discover,
They married each other
And they blissfully live—syncopated


Fussing with my hair…
How do I know what he likes?
Fluffy, Styled, Straight? Wild?


Carina said...

Love 'em!

aftergrace said...

Too cute!

White Rose said...

So much fun! Really enjoyed these!

LA Nickers said...


Very cute.

DRESSED UP DREGS, at Nickers and Ink

Anonymous said...

Fun ones! Thanks for participating in my latest poetry prompt!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Your limerick is perfect, excellent! I enjoyed your haiku too.

Rebecca Reid said...

They are very clever and the emotions associated are too familiar. It makes me so glad I no longer must worry about dating!

Granny Smith said...

I especially enjoyed the limerick with it's musical staff to set the scene.

I liked the haiku, too, with its too familiar dilemma.

Anonymous said...

Very very clever. It is true that opposites sometimes attract and make beautiful music but other times it is nothing more than out of tune whistling.